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The Andaman and Nicobar Islands comprises of 572 islands lies at the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and therefore the Andaman Sea . Out of those 572 islands, only about 38 are inhabited. The Andaman group is separated from the Nicobar group by a 150 km wide channel referred to as the Ten Degree Channel. The Nicobar group has 24 islands and the Andaman group has 325 islands. North, middle and South Andaman are collectively referred to as the good Andaman. The islands include Landfall Island, Interview Island, the Sentinel Islands, Ritchie’s Archipelago, Rutland Island and tiny Andaman within the south, which is separated from Nicobar group of islands by the Ten Degree Channel.

The main islands of the Nicobar group are Car Nicobar within the North, Camorta, Katchall and Nancowry within the centre and Great Nicobar within the south. Interestingly, Andaman Island is on the brink of Myanmar (190 km) and Sumatra (150 km) in Indonesia than it’s to mainland India (almost 1200 km).
The islands are quite unexplored mainly thanks to the space and accessibility from the mainland. which is where the sweetness of the place lies.

Usually, before visiting anywhere, we glance about the history of the place. It helps us to know the place and other people better. Andaman was no exception. While delving into the history of the place, I did determine some interesting facts. That Andaman was a British penal settlement within the colonial era is understood to all or any , but the place seems to possess historic evidence older than that period.
It is not actually known when the primary inhabitants came to the present group of islands. it’s believed that Andaman had a population over 30,000 years ago. The earliest archaeological evidence dates back to 2,200 years ago.
Between 1014 to 1042 AD, King Rajendra Chola I of the Chola Dynasty was the primary one to colonize these islands and formed a naval base to launch expeditions against the Sriwijaya Empire of Indonesia. Later the islands came under Danish Malay Archipelago Company and were under them till 1868. Finally, these islands were purchased by British Malay Archipelago Company in 1869 and that they later formed a penal settlement in these islands.

Don’t leave the Andamans before you See:

1. Port Blair: A multicultural town offering a glimpse of varied local traditions, Port Blair may be a scenic shake the hustle and bustle city life. Steeped in colonial history, Port Blair is ideal as a basecamp for your stay within the Andamans.

2. Havelock Island: Clear blue waters and white sand beaches lined with mahua trees give Havelock Island a picture-perfect look. With long treks and interesting backwaters, Havelock promises to be an escape into adventure and scenic beauty.

3. Neil Island: This serene island welcomes you to coral reefs, calm beaches and rich wildlife. Needless to mention, snorkeling is ideal here since, unlike other islands within the Andamans, Neil Island offers a shake the gang. There are still a couple of virgin beaches around for a night date together with your lover, or better, with nature itself.

4. Limestone Caves, Northern Andamans: The Limestone caves are located in Northern Andamans and are a treat that shouldn’t be missed. Your journey is going to be mesmerizing, taking you thru tribal reserves. you’ll also catch a glimpse of sun-bathing crocodiles camouflaged perfectly within the mangrove forests of the world.

When to Go:

October – May: Winters within the region aren’t chilly, and weather stays pleasant for the foremost part. It’s the simplest time to enjoy water sports and other water activities.

January: If you would like to witness the culture and tradition of locals within the Andamans, visit the place in January. tons of fairs and festivals will keep you busy on your trip. The Island Tourism Festival may be a 14-day long festival showcasing the varied traditions followed by the tribals of the region. The Subhash Mela is organized on the Birth Anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose. The Block Mela captures the range in culture and rural lifetime of locals in these islands.

May – October: The Andamans witness heavy rains throughout the monsoon season, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting. The Andamans have a definite great thing about its own within the rains!

Some amazing things to try in Andaman
Water Sports in Andaman

Andaman is heaven for water sports. Bestowed with beautiful coral reefs and clear waters, the archipelago boasts of the simplest underwater activities. you’ll choose skin diving, snorkeling and sea walking. For water sports like jet ski ride, cargo ship etc., North Bay Island may be a good place. you’ll also do skin diving and snorkeling here. But we might recommend you to try to to scuba either in Havelock Island or Neil Island.


Scuba Diving in Andaman

Andaman has a number of the simplest diving sites within the country and this we’ve been reiterating for long. Well, it’s not without reason, because the gorgeous coral reefs and marine life is just amazing. For skin diving in Andaman, we’ll recommend Havelock and Neil Island.
If you’re doing scuba at Havelock, don’t roll in the hay at Elephant Beach, but roll in the hay at the diving sites near Beach No. 3 & 4. There are variety of operators and you’ll take a pick. We had through with Barefoot Scuba in Andaman. For skin diving, don’t forget to require the guidance of certified PADI instructors.